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WSS-M1A365 Electro Galvanized Steel

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Available in 20G20G, 50G50G, & 60G60G

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Item #

Steel Type

WSS-M1A365-A11 Commercial Quality (CS) (CR Base)
WSS-M1A365-A12 Drawing Quality (DS) (CR Base)
WSS-M1A365-A13 Deep Drawing Quality (DDS) (CR Base)
WSS-M1A365-A14 Extra Deep Drawing Quality (EDDS) (CR Base)
WSS-M1A365-A15 Extra Deep Drawing Quality (EDDS+) (CR Base)
WSS-M1A365-A20 Commercial Quality (CS) (HR Base)
WSS-M1A365-A21 Forming Quality (FS) (HR Base)
WSS-M1A365-A22 Drawing Quality (DS) (HR Base)
WSS-M1A365-A23 Deep Drawing Quality (DDS) (HR Base)
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1