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TSG3100G Toyota Cold Rolled JIS Steel

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Item #

Steel Type

Minimum Tensile

SPC270A Commercial Quality 39.1 ksi
SPC270C Commercial Quality 39.1 ksi
SPC270D Drawing Quality 39.1 ksi
SPC270E Deep Drawing Quality 39.1 ksi
SPC270F Extra Deep Drawing Quality 39.1 ksi
SPC270BH Bake Hardenable Steel 39.1 ksi
SPC340 Structural 49.3 ksi
SPC340BH Bake Hardenable Steel 49.3 ksi
SPC340HR High R-Value Steel 49.3 ksi
SPC370 Structural 53.7 ksi
SPC370HR High R-Value Steel 53.7 ksi
SPC390 Structural 56.6 ksi
SPC390HR High R-Value Steel 56.6 ksi
SPC440 Structural 63.8 ksi
SPC440HR High R-Value Steel 63.8 ksi
SPC490 Structural 71.1 ksi
SPC490HR Dual-Phase Steel 71.1 ksi
SPC540 Structural 78.3 ksi
SPC590 Structural 85.6 ksi
SPC590DU Dual-Phase Steel 85.6 ksi
SPC590HR High R-Value Steel 85.6 ksi
SPC780DU Dual-Phase Steel 113.1 ksi
SPC980DU Dual-Phase Steel 142.1 ksi
SPC1180DU Dual-Phase Steel 171.1 ksi
  Results 1 - 24 of 24 1