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M2032 Nissan Cold Rolled JIS Steel

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Item #

Steel Type

Minimum Tensile

SP131-340 Structural 49.3 ksi
SP135-340 Bake Hardenable Steel 49.3 ksi
SP132-340 High R-Value Steel 49.3 ksi
SP131-370 Structural 53.7 ksi
SP132-370 High R-Value Steel 53.7 ksi
SP152-440 High R-Value Steel 63.8 ksi
SP151-540 Structural 78.3 ksi
SP151-590 Structural 85.6 ksi
SP153-590 Dual-Phase Steel 85.6 ksi
SP153Z-590 Dual-Phase Steel 85.6 ksi
SP154-590 High R-Value Steel 85.6 ksi
SP153-780 Dual-Phase Steel 113.1 ksi
SP153-980 Dual-Phase Steel 142.1 ksi
SP153-1180 Dual-Phase Steel 171.1 ksi
  Results 1 - 14 of 14 1